Kai Hitwawi

16 days ago

unv related

Im planning to give gre in september. can i apply good public universities for spring in last week of september. also my cgpa is 6.4/10. so is ther a chance for me to get good scholarships or 1 year tution fee waiver.

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A D Mentor_tag

15 days ago

Hi, tuition fee waivers are highly academic-based. Truthfully, your cgpa is on the lower end. Low cgpa can be compensated with a high GRE(325+) and TOEFL(110+) score to get a scholarship. In my opinion, September will be late to apply for spring 2023. If fiance is a major issue, you could apply for lower-tier universities and get a scholarship. You can also try to apply to universities in texas. A... See more