Chandrahas Settaluri

a month ago

University suggestions for MS in CS

Hello Yocketeers,

I come from Civil Engineering background looking to pursue MS in CS (Computer Science). I have 3.5 years of experience in IT and well-versed with programming languages like Python, JavaScript and Node.js runtime. Also, I have expertise in SAP Landscape where I have developed front-end applications. Would anyone kindly few universities that I can apply to where I’ll be able to get an admit?

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Smoky Zz Mentor_tag

a month ago

Try for MIS if you want to get into a really good college as most good colleges would reject you for CS because you'll get 3-6 subjects as prerequisites and everyone's applying for CSE or score very high in GRE and you try for CSU'S or similar ranked ones for MS in CS See more

Zeal Zeal

a month ago

Without mentioning you're profile no one can suggest any universities. CGPA, GRE if given, TOEFL which matter mainly with projects, research papers etc. See more

Shail Sheth

a month ago

Hi, Hope you are doing well. You can compare the curriculums, concentration, electives and location of the particular program offered by the respective universities for which you would want to apply, as they might the most significant factors in your decision-making process. Also, reach out to the alumnis of the program of your choice, on LinkedIn, as some of them might reply to you. Additionally,... See more

Ravikumar Gattu

a month ago

Yes....Your IT experience will help you in getting admit irrespective of background.... Kindly do few certification CS courses and include in SOP...!! See more