Thejesh Kovi

17 days ago

University suggestion

Hello everyone!
Could the mentors please suggest universities based on my profile for fall 2023 for Management Information Systems(MIS) in the USA
1.3 years of experience
1 research paper and 1 college project

#managementinformationsystems #MIS #Masters #mastersUS

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Smoky Zz Mentor_tag

17 days ago

Hi Thejesh I Would recommend you to retake Proficiency and score more than 125 for duolingo or atleast 6.5 in IELTs as there have been instances where students were denied entry to usa at the airport because of low scores. Colleges you can apply - Ambitious 1. UTD 2. Buffalo 3. UIC 4. SDSU Target 1. USF 2. UT Arlington 3. Syracuse 4. Texas Tech Safe 1. Depaul's 2. UNT 3. CSU's See more