Nikhil Chauhan

4 months ago

University of Washington Bothell or University of Michigan Dearborn ?

Got admit from UoW Bothell, kinda sure of admit from UMich Dearborn. These two were my safe universities. Waiting for results from George Tech, Northwestern and UCBoulder Which one of the Bothell or Dearborn is better for MS in Computer Science? Should i pay 250usd to save a spot at Bothell ?

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Arjun Aravind

4 months ago

UMich Dearborn and UWash Bothell are both safe choices so it wouldn't matter where you go. However, Washington is the best state for CS graduates to be in so it would be worth keeping a spot there. However, you should extend paying this 250 usd as long as you can as you may get admit decisions from other universities soon. Bothell was named the best value university in Washington too. You can get... See more