Aditya Alladi Mentor_tag

25 days ago

University Decision

Hello! I'm currently facing difficulty in choosing University from the available option.

1. University of Maryland Baltimore County - MS in Engineering Management
2. California State University East Bay - MS in Engineering Management
3. Northeastern University ( Waitlisted) - MS in Engineering Management

Criteria that I have considered:
1. Good and Diverse Course Structure
2. Job opportunities after completion.
2. ROI & Value.

Could anyone please suggest/help me in finalizing

#masters #ms #admissions #Fall2022 #MEM


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A D Mentor_tag

24 days ago

Hi Aditya, CSU East Bay is extremely expensive for a state university and not all value for money. Truthfully, due to too many universities in the area, I wouldn't even give it a location advantage. University of Maryland Baltimore County on other hand has better part-time opportunities, a better brand name, is cheaper(overall expenses) than California State University East Bay. The course catalog... See more


Siva Kesava Reddy

25 days ago

Go for UMBC