Shaunak Varudandi

5 months ago

University Confusion

I have got admission from the following universities: 1 Rutgers- Masters in Information Technologyand Analytics 2 UT Dallas - Masters in Management Science 3 UConn - MS in Business Analytics and Project Management. My main priorityis quality education and easier job opportunities post graduation. Can someone share their views? #USA #universitydecisions #universityselection


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Nishanth G

5 months ago

1) Uconn 2) UTD 3)Rutgers

Adi Thi

5 months ago

Hi, Shaunak, you can compare all universities on Yocket by visiting the explore drop down, clicking on any country and searching for the unis. You will receive detailed profiles of the Unis. See more

Mike Tike

5 months ago

Uconn definitely.