Pushp Vashisht

7 months ago

UCC vs NCI for MSc Computer Science

Hi I got offer from NCI for MSc Computer Science (Cloud Computing) and from UCC for MSc Computer Science for September 2022. Which one should I go for?


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Pushp Vashisht Author

7 months ago

Yeah, I understand that the overall profile of UCC is better than that of NCI, but what about the city? and part time job opportunities? nightlife? See more

Kulsum Jahan

7 months ago

UCC is a public uni as opposed to NCI. It also has a better profile overall. You can check out details about both the unis here - https://yocket.com/universities/university-college-cork-3296, https://yocket.com/universities/national-college-of-ireland-3593 See more