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2 months ago

Types of scholarships for international students in USA

Degrees in America are expensive, but an abundance of scholarships are available to help international students out.
Almost all universities have scholarship programmes, most of which are open to applications from international students.

According to the Fulbright Commission, more than 600 American universities offer scholarships worth $20,000 or more to international students. They are typically assessed on either academic merit, financial need, or extracurricular contribution.

Here's a list of the type of scholarships offered to international students :

1. University scholarships - Most universities will offer some kind of financial aid for international students, so your institution of choice should be your first port of call when considering funding.

2. Merit Scholarships - Students with outstanding academic records and credentials in their bachelor's degree are awarded merit scholarships. They are offered to a good number of students.

3. Need-Based Scholarships - In certain universities, the financial situation of the student is considered, and based on the family income, a need-based scholarship is awarded.

4. Tuition fee waiver/discounts - One of the most common types of scholarships offered by international universities is tuition fees waiver. The student doesn't have to pay the amount waived in the tuition fees. However, the student will have to pay the general expenses that are charged for the use of university facilities.

5. Country-based scholarships - These scholarships are targeted at students from developing countries in particular.

6. Government-funded scholarships - The United States government offers many scholarship programmes for international students.

Apart from these, several students are also offered the opportunity to work in campus with a fixed stipend and additional benefits for the following roles :

1. Teaching Assistantship –Teaching assistantship is a kind of scholarship where the stipend for the services of the student will be compensated by deducting the course fee. The services include teaching in undergraduate classes and assistance in laboratory sessions and workshops.

2. Research Assistantship- Since the research activities in these top universities will be at full pace; scholars will require the assistance of the students to aid them in the research work; reductions in the course fees will compensate for the service of the students in this regard.

3. Graduate Assistantship - Graduate Assistantship is a form of financial support provided to the student who engage themselves in teaching or research assistantships. Having being one of the biggest advantages of doing MS in the United States, It can not only help you fetch a monthly stipend but also in few cases waives off your tuition fees.

Finances are often a major reason why students are skeptical to pursue higher education in USA, however with the above list of financial assistance it's not a distant dream anymore! :)

All the best! :)

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Is GRE compulsory for applying for scholarships in United States?

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