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2 months ago

Types of Expenses for a Grad Student

If you're planning to study abroad for Masters or Bachelors ,the first thing on your mind is Money. However it is very important to remember that tuition fee is not the only factor which will be important for your financial planning.

Here are some other factors that play a major role are:-
1. Accommodation
After the tuition fees ,this will be the highest monthly expense you will be spending on. The challenge with the Accomodation is to find a place with affordability ,accessibility, a decent location . Although you will also have an option to live farther away from the city and choose to rent a flat which may sometimes be light on the pocket .Normally renting a flat for one is usually more Expensive than sharing that with others.

2. Health Insurance
Studying abroad means you will usually be outside of your home for atleast 2-4 years at minimum. Therefore it is important wherever you go your health insurance is covered. A one year health insurance plan for international students costs about 500$ - 1000$ or 150£ - 350£. Be careful with the policy, I suggest avoiding cheaper student insurance policies as they may not cover adequately in your emergency.

3. Food and Groceries
This is one of the aspect that will be so integral to all of our lives yet somehow while planning to study abroad a lot of us fail taking this into consideration as importantly. On an average Food and Groceries for one person on average could range between 400 - 600$ or
150£ - 250£ . This largely depends on your dietary habits, if you tend to eat more from outside often, this range could dramatically increase.

I Hope This Post is Informative

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Rishabh Yadav

2 months ago

Thanks for Information ☺️