Vikash Kumar

Vikash Kumar

6 months ago

Top MiM colleges in UK.

I received admission from imperial, Warwick, Bayes, and manchester - waitlisted by LBS. I only applied to these colleges, you should only apply to these top 5 colleges only for mim or, and compare colleges on FT- Ranking 2022 to try to find a fit b- school for yourself. if you want to work in management consulting then chose a London-based b- school, cause without networking it will be hard to get into an mbb or the big 4.

Top MiM in UK or m7 mim

1-London Business School
2-Imperial College Business School
3-Warwick Business School
4-Bayes Business School (formerly Cass)
5-University of Edinburgh Business School
6-Alliance Manchester Business School
7-Durham University Business School

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