Vijay Thakur

14 days ago

Today my visa is rejected because my brother has a green card and works for Amazon. What next?

So, before the interview, I was worried about it. In the later part of the interview, the visa officer rejected me because she thought I have an incentive to stay in the States. Do you guys think rescheduling an appointment will do me any good now? (I am physically handicapped btw). #masters #F1Visa #interview

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Anu Prasad

a day ago

Hi, a frequently asked question at the interview relates to relatives in the US. If a sibling works in US, this could also be considered a strike (a loss of “family credibility”) and consul may consider one sibling in the US as “enough”. I would suggest you to prepare the DS-160 and supporting documents for a re-application and take the help of a professional. Hope this helps! See more