Ria Mahajan

4 days ago

The College Finder

To what extent can you trust the College Finder Option we are provided with on yocket. Is it true that my chances of getting admitted are 88% if Yocket says so? I understand there are other factors too that have an impact on whether you are selected or not but Is this college finder actually helpful in selecting a few you want to apply in or not. #masters #studyguide #studyabroad #collegeselection #collegefinder

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Smoky Zz Mentor_tag

3 days ago

Hi This Tool is only for You to get an Estimate of colleges you can apply for based on the difficulty if you have no idea on which colleges you want to apply for your Specified course. There's other factors like SOP, Resume, LOR's which are also the Deciding factors for an admit, there are people out there who got rejected to UT Arlington CSE with 9pointers and there's few who got an admit with 7 ... See more