nm Malli

Nm Malli

2 years ago

Swansea university uk September 2022

My application of Msc electrical and electronics engineering sent to swansea university in 2 june 2022 till now I didn't get any condition offer letter anyone can help me🙏


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Rajesh Nammi

2 years ago

I have applied to the same course on June 4th n I got condition offer letter yesterday itself


Akriti Sharma

2 years ago

Hi Nm, I would suggest that you discuss this with students who have also applied to Swansea university for the same program to know the status of their application and get an overview of the situation. You can do that by connecting with students admitted to the same university/ program by using the Yocket tool - CONNECT https://yocket.com/connect Just enter the basic details like uni name, cou... See more

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