Niharika Surange

2 months ago

Sublease alert for University of Illinois Urbana Champaign

Subleasing my room in a 4Bed 2Bath apartment (fully furnished with attached balcony) at 806 South 3rd street to move in between 1st May to 5th August. You can move in on any dates between this timeline. The unit is very clean and in a good condition Apartment is at prime location with some location specifics: 1) About a 1 min walk by Ischool 2) Two bus stops at a walking distance 3) 4 min walk from main quad, Illini union bookstore and Green Street 4) 5 min walk to county market All the leisure and fun places are min away like Kams, red lion, Taco bells, Mc Donald’s, and signature grill Apartment details and features 1) Rent- 350$ including utilities(negotiable) 2) It is a fully furnished apartment with sofa, dining table and study table in room 3) Spacious closets with attached balcony 4) Apartment is well lit with big windows for sunlight and proper ventilation 5) Air conditioner and Wi-Fi 6) In unit washer dryer 7) Microwave, Owen, and fridge is there DM me if you are interested, I am sublease it on a lower price than what I use to pay as I am in hurry #sublease #Summer2022 #UIUC #uiuc


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