Nadav Ben yehezkel

Nadav Ben yehezkel

10 days ago

Studying abroad

Hey there 👋
I am a 23 years old man who lives in Israel. I'm thinking about doing a degree in a university in Montreal/San Francisco.
I would love to get some help from anyone who has an idea about any of this two options


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Shailly Kerkar

9 days ago

Choosing a university and a city to live in for the next few years is an important decision, and it's great to see that you're doing your research. Let's consider some factors that might influence your decision: Living in San Francisco is generally more expensive than Montreal. Housing prices, in particular, are significantly higher in San Francisco. However, potential salaries after graduation m... See more


Lalith Eshwar

10 days ago

Hello! I can provide some information to help you with your decision. Montreal and San Francisco are both vibrant cities with excellent universities. Here are some key points to consider for each option: Montreal: - Education: Montreal is home to several prestigious universities, such as McGill University and Concordia University. These institutions offer a wide range of undergraduate programs a... See more