Rohit Joshi

20 days ago

Spring 23 admission

I am comparing the Pros & Cons for applying for Spring 23 & saving some time (as well as my competitive exam expiry dates) versus Fall 23. 1) Can someone explain me the internship scenario which seems to be the biggest differentiator? 2) Is there any way to utilise my time during summer as a Spring intake student (Since, there won't be any internships available then) #applicationprocess #internships #spring #spring2023 #IndustrialEngineering #engineering #TAMU #Industrial

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A D Mentor_tag

18 days ago

Hi, Lets assume you go for spring 2023. for summer 2023, your plan should be get an on campus 19 hour internship to work on a live project under a professor or any other on campus project. You cant apply for an off-campus internship because you need to complete 2 terms of study in the usa. For summer 2024, you can apply for an off-campus internship. If you are confused over which intake to take,... See more