Prayag Parikh

2 months ago

Should I go for MS in IT at ASU, MS in CS at CSU Sacramento, or UT Arlington?

I don't really like Information Technology syllabus at ASU but it's reputed! But ASU is very reputed. On the other hand, I have California university which is a good location and fees are comparatively low. What should I opt, I am confused. Can someone help?
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Smoky Zz Mentor_tag

2 months ago

Hi Prayag Since You have Mentioned That You Don't Like The Syllabus, Reputation of a college won't matter if you can't land a job because You Didn't Study the Subjects Which were Relevant to your Interests. So Go For UT Arlington as it has a reputation for Computer science and it is better ranked than CSU, You can definitely land a Job in California or even Move to Dallas as it's just 30 min Drive... See more

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Siva Kesava Reddy

2 months ago

Go for ASU