16 days ago

shortlisting unis

Btech CSE 8.9 CGPA from VIT. 2 internships of 3 months each. 1 international research paper published. Decent LORs and 4 projects, good extra curicular. GRE 305. can anyone please suggest unis for MS in CS in california and texas

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Smoky Zz Mentor_tag

16 days ago

Hi Ashmitha Eventhough you have a good GPA, I'd Suggest That You Retake GRE and aim for 320+ as CS now has the most competition than ever. I'll list the Ones you can Have a Try on difficulty level : AMBITIOUS 1. UT AUSTIN 2. USC 3. UC SD Target 1. TAMU (Also Can be ambitious) 2. UC Irvine/Davis 3. Cal Poly 4. Santa Clara Uni Safe 1. UT arlington 2. UTD 3. SJSU 4.SDSU Or Use The College Finde... See more