Jajam Ch L Ramoji

7 days ago

Shortlisting of Unis

Hi Team,
I'm applying for Ms CS in us for spring 23 and need help in shortlisting some good universities based on my profile.
Please help.
Undergrad branch : Electronics engg
IELTS: 7/9
Gre quants: 170
GRE verbal: 161
CGPA : 7.12
Work ex : 2 years in Infosys Company at systems engineer role and Web developer roles

Conference paper : 1 @IEEE Xplore (in domain of Communication) #masters #studyabroad #universityshortlisting #universityselection #universityShortlisting

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Shaunak Salvi Mentor_tag

7 days ago

Hi RR, here's a recommendation of Universities based on the above details - Ambitious: 1. Boston University 2. Arizona State University 3. University of Rochester 4. University of California, Santa Barbara 5. University of Georgia, Athens Moderate: 1. University of Utah 2. Vanderbilt University 3. Penn State, Great Valley 4. Illinois State University 5. Fordham University Safe: 1. San Diego Un... See more