Chakresh Peela

2 months ago

Sevis Transfer Process

Hi i got into University of Texas at Arlington and California State University, Northridge I booked my Visa Slot and Sevis with UTA admission as I didn't receive my CSUN i20 yet. I want to transfer my sevis once I get my Visa to CSUN. Can someone please tell me what is the process for Sevis Transfer?? Really appreciate the help #Sevis #sevistranfer

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A D Mentor_tag

2 months ago

Hi, Scenario 3 from the link below: DS-160 is submitted. The SEVIS fee is paid. Visa payment is made. The visa interview date is booked. The Visa interview is done. If you have appeared for the interview and the F1 visa is approved. After that you receive an i20 from a better university then you will have to start the visa process again. 1. Get an i-20 from your new university. 2. Transfer SEVIS... See more