Rohith Garakurthi

2 months ago

Sevis transfer

Hi guys I have transferred my sevis id from one university to another on Monday 16th may. I have visa interview on Thursday. How much time does it take to transfer to new sevis id. I am worried as my interview is approaching. Will it be any problem at visa interview in case if it takes long time?? Thanks

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A D Mentor_tag

a month ago

HI Rohith, Allow 7 business days for processing after you submit your completed SEVIS I-20 transfer request. ISS cannot set a past date as the SEVIS I-20 transfer date. If ISS receives/processes your SEVIS I-20 transfer request after your requested transfer date, ISS will transfer the SEVIS record on the day of ISS processing. In reality, there is no specific time set to transfer. There might be a... See more