Ashutosh Gupta

3 years ago

Request for Profile Evaluation- MS in Materials science (open to Ph.D. also) -------------------

Request for Profile Evaluation- MS in Materials science (open to Ph.D. also) ----------------------------------------------------------------- College: IIT Indore Branch: Metallurgy Engineering and Materials Science Minor: Humanities and social sciences Field of Interest: Materials Science (Electronic Devices, Electronic Materials, optoelectronics) GPA (Do not Convert to US Scale): 8.62/10 Rank in the department: 2/34 -------------------------------------------- GRE: 317 [ 150(verbal) + 167(quant) + 3.5 AWA] IELTS:7(L7.5; W7; R7.5; S6) (will a 6 band in speaking affect my chances? The cutoff for almost all universities is 6) --------------------------------------------- Internships: 1) Research assistant: Surface passivation of III-V semiconductor compounds @ University of Sherbrooke, Canada ( 6 months) 2) Industrial: Tata Lockheed Martin Aerospace limited ( mechanics of materials) -------------------------------------------------- Submitted or Accepted Publications: None as of now. Probably submit one research paper by the end of November. --------------------------------------------------------- Projects: Total 3 (including one of my research internship) All in the field of Materials science. --------------------------------------------------------- "Have several positions of responsibilities in tech and non-tech field" Recommendations: 1) HoD, Associate Professor, Dept of MEMS - IIT Indore (BTP guide): Strong 2) Associate Professor, Dept of Electrical and Computer Engineering- (University of Sherbrooke): Strong 3) Associate Professor (HoD, Dept of Mechanical Engineering) - IIT Indore: Moderate -------------------------------------------------------- Please suggest some programs for me on the basis of my profile as Ambitious, Moderate and Safe. Some university programs I have reviewed/considering are: US Universities- University of California, Berkley (UCB) Northwestern University (McCormick) University of California—Santa Barbara UIUC Georgia Institute of Technology Carnegie Mellon University University of Pennsylvania Purdue University—West Lafayette Cornell University Non-US universities- ETH, McGill, U of British Columbia, and U of Waterloo. Kindly arrange these universities as ambitious/moderate/safe. Also, I know since many of them (mentioned above) are too difficult to get into, could you please suggest some safe universities for my profile. Thanks in advance!????


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