Namrata Rane

11 days ago

Profile Evaluation Needed

UG University- Mumbai University Gre/Ielts- Planning Cgpa- 9.34 Internships- 2 in MNC 1 as a Research Project Intern Research- 1 copyright Created, 1 review paper in a conference and 1 paper currently writing. Certifications- 16+ in Business Field What all university I can target in USA for MSBA, fall 2023?

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Shaunak Salvi Mentor_tag

11 days ago

Hi Namrata, based on your GPA and an assumed GRE score between 315-320 and ILETS of 7.5, you can begin your preliminary research around the following Universities: Ambitious: 1. Northeastern University 2. University of Virginia 3. University of Illinois UC 4. Michigan State 5. Arizona State University Moderate: 1. Stevens Institute of Technology 2. University of Rochester Safe: 1. University... See more