YeshWanth Yerra

19 days ago

Profile evaluation Gre 326(q-169, v -157) Btech mech-67% Looking for ms in industrial engineering Work exp 6 years


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Smoky Zz Mentor_tag

17 days ago

Hi Yeshwanth You Can try for the best of the Best but it also depends on your SOP's and you have to apply by priority deadlines to make it into ambitious ones - Ambitious - 1. UT Austin 2. UC Berkeley 3. Purdue 4. TAMU Target 1. Ohio State 2. USC 3. Penn state 4. Uni of Florida Safe 1. Virginia Tech 2. ASU 3. CU Boulder 4. Minnesota twin See more


Prathik D10

19 days ago

Texas tech, Ohio state, university of Florida, San Jose state