Rupesh Mahore

15 days ago

Profile evaluation Fall 23 MS : Engineering Physics / Applied Physics

Integrated MSc Physics NIT Rourkela GPA 7.0 GRE 310( attempting another this month) TOEFL : About to give next month Internship: 1. Summer internship at HARVARD & CERN 2. Summer+ Winter internship at ISRO 3. Currently working as Research Associate at IISc Papers 3 conference papers 2 Journal papers (under review) 1 Pending patent Miscellaneous : ⚫Was featured in Times of India & Indian Express ⚫Have given 2 TED talks at TEDxIIT-P & TEDxNIT-D. Please suggest target , ambitious & safe schools for MS in Applied Physics/ Engineering Physics. (Also if someone can suggest , Is the GPA too low to aim for Ivy?)


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