Pawan Bhandarkar

8 months ago

Profile Evaluation, College Recommendations, MS CS Fall 2022

As the title suggests, I'm looking to apply for an MS in CS (specifically, Software Engineering and Development). Please give me some feedback on my profile and recommend colleges. I'm from India.
GRE: 333/340 (V: 164. Q:169, AWA: 4.0)
TOEFL: 114 (R:30 W:29 S:27 L:28 )
College: Tier 3, NIRF Rank 138.
CGPA: 9.72/10
Research Papers: None
Internship: 1 month at IIT, Delhi, 4 months in Japan
Work experience: 16 months full-time as a Junior Engineer in the same Japanese company (currently still working there, but remotely because of visa issues)
Extracurriculars: 1. Was a part of a student exchange program at Ritsumeikan University in Osaka.
2. Won a national level public speaking competition.
3. An active member of Toastmasters International and have taken up a lot of leadership/speaking roles.
LORS: 1 from my CTO (PhD) who was a CS professor in Kyushu University, Japan. 2 from my College Professors .
The Curriculum for Columbia University looks like exactly what I am looking for but I know it is too ambitious. (I will still apply). I also want to try for USC, CMU (SV) and UMD.
Ambitious: Columbia, Carnegie Mellon (Silicon Valley Campus), UMD
Moderate: USC
Safe: Northeastern
Please recommend some more colleges in Safe/Moderate/Ambitious.


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