Praveen Velliengiri

24 days ago

Profile Evaluation

Hi, I'm applying to do MS in CS (Fall 23) in US universities. I need some help with shortlistings universities according to my profile. My profile: CGPA - 7.57 GRE & TOELF - Yet to give expecting around 320 in GRE and 100+ in TOELF Work Experience - 2.5 years of experience as SDE in a US MNC. Internships - 4 (2 six month internships (at Intel & Dell EMC), 2 GSoCs) One International conference talk & poster presentation. It would very much appreciate if your help! thank you very much.


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Sanika Udhoji Mentor_tag

24 days ago

Hi Praveen, , You can check out these universities for CS in USA: 1) Florida State University: 2) University of Illinois, Chicago: 3) Georgetown University: You can also use this feature See more

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