Arsh Punjabi

a month ago


10th marks: 10/10 CGPA ; 92% (CBSE) Diploma in civil engineering: 85% (MSBTE Board) Bachelors in Architecture: 7.18/10 CGPA (Mumbai university;Sir JJ college of architecture) IELTS :7.0 DUOLINGO:135 GRE: 310 expected (exam is on 8/8/22) Internships: 2 (6 months and 3 months respectively) Research book: 2 Any suggestions for the universities I should be aiming for? (SPRING 2023)

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Smoky Zz Mentor_tag

a month ago

Hi Arsh Your 10th and Diploma scores are not of Importance for your masters and colleges only take in your bachelors into consideration. Try to aim for a higher score in GRE as your Gpa is Avg and you need a good GRE score to leverage that. You can Try for - Ambitious 1. WashU at St Louis. 2. Uni of Arizona 3. Uni of Virginia 4. Pratt Institute Target 1. IUB 2. UIC 3. Uni of Utah 4. Uni of Miam... See more