Pratik Patil

a month ago

Profile Evaluation

I want to apply for GRE waved universities.
What universities are good for my profile.

Target - Northeastern University. (Computer Science)

Work Experience - 30 Months (System engineer at TCS)
Education - BTech in Information Technology from Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar technological University,
CGPA - 6.13/10
backlogs - 7
Research papers - 2 (1 in ML and 1 in AI)

My Academic profile is not that strong, But I guess work experience and STRONG SOP and LOR will help me to get into universities.

Should I take GRE as well?

#masters #bachelors #ms


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Tilak Heble Mentor_tag

a month ago

Hey, Pratik Patil!! Looking at your CGPA, Backlogs, NO GRE, it's difficult to get into good Universities in US. Since you have good work experience and Research papers! Definitely LOR and SOP play their role but GRE is important. I suggest you to take GRE, if you want to get into good Uni. It's difficult 5o get into NEU, by your current profile. If you want to go without GRE, then ... See more


Rohan Teja Veeramachaneni

a month ago

You can rule out the MSCS program at NEU. Since your GPA, college, backlogs all have a negative impact here. I'd suggest you to look at universities which are ranked lower, or alternate courses like information systems, information technology, software engineering, etc - which are less competitive than Computer Science programs. You should also try to get atleast a 320+ GRE score if you have the t... See more


Smoky Zz Mentor_tag

a month ago

Hi pratik The avg class gpa for Khoury is 8.5ish and you loose out on a long run. about work exp it don't matter much as you are not changing branches and it's not management course which recommends work experience and even the backlog history is too much for CSE for any good college. I would suggest you to apply for software engineering or MIS ( if you are into cloud or data analytics) and forget... See more


Zeal Zeal

a month ago

NEU is not possible. You're CGPA is very low. Even with GRE getting admit into the normally talked about universities like UTD, ASU, NEU, UIC it's difficult. See more

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