Anirudh Ponna

a month ago

Please Suggest Universities.

CGPA:- 8.33

University:- IIT Kharagpur

Undergrad Department:- Metallurgical and Materials Engineering (Dual Degree B.Tech+M.Tech with Micro-Specialization in AI)

Undergrad CS courses taken:-
(Data Structures and Algorithms : EX
Operating Systems: B
Computer Networks: C
Programming and Data Structures: C)

Undergrad Data Science courses taken:-
(Machine Learning : EX
Deep Learning: A
Artificial Intelligence: A
Machine learning for Earth System Sciences: A)

Applying Department:- Computer Science/Data Science

GRE:- 330, AWA:-4

Toefl:- 100

Internships:- 5 (4 in different fields of Data Science, 1 as SDE) #masters #ms #admissions #USA


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Siddh Bd

a month ago

EX,A,C after your undergrad course taken stands for ? Just asking

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Smoky Zz Mentor_tag

a month ago

Hi Anirudh Since You have an excellent Record, Try For Data Science than CSE as You'd Face More Competition and You can Apply to Any IVY or The Top 10 Colleges in the Country : 1. MIT 2.Stanford 3.Columbia 4.Carnegie 5.Princeton 6.Caltech 7. Berkeley 8.UT Austin 9.UCSD 10.UIUC 11.Georgia tech 12. Umich Ann Arbor and U Might Also Be Eligible For Scholarships, So do Apply the earliest See more

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Zeal Zeal

a month ago

You're profile is good and IIT tag helps in many universities. It's better you go for MS in CS and take electives of DS. You seem to have covered most courses of undergraduate CS. Be prepared to answer the question why second MASTERS to visa officer. For MS in CS you can try TAMU College station, Virginia tech, Stony Brook, Umass Amherst, , NCSU, Purdue, USC, NYU Tandon, UC IRVINE, Rutgers, NEU, U... See more

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Siva Kesava Reddy

a month ago

Getting admission from non CS background to CS is tough but possible University of Utah Oregon State University Colorado State University fort hills Portland State University Lousiana tech University University of North Carolina at Greensboro Texas State University Santa Clara University CSU San Bernardino Clark University Clarkson University Texas A &M University Corpus Christi Apply to all tho... See more