Tanny Playz

25 days ago

Please evaluate my profile. Very important please, suggest universities

UG - BE Electronics (1 backlog - 1st year in drawing) Cgpa -7.30/10 Postgraduate Diploma in Data Science course from IIIT - B GPA - 3.36 / 4 Final year major project in Engineering related to data analytics. Took relevant courses like DBMS, MIS, Neural Networks and IoT in engineering. 6 academic projects with Capstone project in data science. Multiple MOOC certifications. 2 years of volunteer work with 1 year as student council. 4 months of relevant internship experience as a business analyst GRE - Expected score (310 and above) #profilereview #profileevaluation #ProfileEvaluation

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Akriti Sharma Mentor_tag

23 days ago

Hi Tanny, It would've been really helpful if you had mentioned the program name you are interested in along with your preferred country to pursue higher education. After having a look at your yocket profile, I can see that you're interested in a Data Science program in US, hence I will be suggesting universities for that only. Here's a list of universities best suited to your profile : Texas S... See more