Priyanka K

10 days ago

Need suggestion on the course that I'm opting

Profile: Btech- ECE- 8.5 CGPA Work Ex- Manual tester- 2.7 years GRE/IELTS- Yet to give Planning for fall 2023 intake Opting for CS course in US. Is it a good choice ? If yes plz suggest some good universities.


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Priyanka K Author

9 days ago

Thanks a lot Vijaya Lakshmi. So I have a chance to get into CS in the above mentioned universities though I had 2.7 years of work ex in manual testing(with no coding in it) and though my background is ECE ? See more


Vijaya Lakshmi K Mentor_tag

10 days ago

Hello Priyanka, MS in computer science is a good option to pursue. It is one of the most sought out courses and has high competition as well as opportunities. You can find different specializations in CS as well. If you are interested in the course it is a very good choice for masters in US. You can read further about this using - . Pl... See more