Govind Asawa

17 days ago

Need help shortlisting US univs for MS in CS

Profile ( BTech. CSE) -CGPA: 8.37 ( tier-3 ) - GRE: 316 (154V, 162M ) - TOEFL: 106 (R29,L28, S28, W21) - projects: 2 - work ex: --internship: 2 months -- full time: 18months( present) Any comment would be helpful #admissions #universityshortlisting #MSinCS


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Satya Bs Mentor_tag

14 days ago

Hi Govind, Your profile looks good overall. A key factor that gives you an advantage is your projects and work experience. A few Universities you can consider applying to are: Ambitious - University of California, Santa Barbara - University of Rochester - University of Florida - Northeastern University, Boston Moderate - North Carolina State University, Raleigh - Santa Clara University - U... See more

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Govind Asawa Author

17 days ago

For fall 2023 also, have done more than 2 projects