Sanil Chawla

22 days ago

Need help in university shortlisting.

Could anyone help out , I've my list but there's way too many ambitious colleges i feel. Could someone balance it out. Hi All , I'd love to get some sort of an evaluation of my profile with respect to non thesis based MS CS courses in the US for Fall 23 Undergrad : 9.25 CGPA ( Btech In Comp Science from Tier 1 college ) Work Experience :Data Engineer at a reputed MNC ( 2 years by the time of enrollment ) Internship experience : - 3 months at a startup as an SDE - 6 Months as a Data Engineer at the same above MNC - 2 months as an SDE intern at another MNC - Freelancer with 3 successful jobs in the course of 7 months in the pandemic GRE : 320 ( 165Q 155V AWA-4) TOEFL : 111 Research Experience : Weak ( might have a publication in a local conference by the time of application) LORs : 2 professional ( both strong from recent employer ) 1 academic ( decent ) -- edit : I can get 2 academic LORS as well , going by the nature of comments List: CMU UIUC (MCS-professional) Georgia tech Cornell ( 1 year MENG) NYU Purdue UCLA USC NEU


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A D Mentor_tag

21 days ago

Hi, If you have less than 5 years of experience then at least 2 LORs from professors are required. Even if you have more than 5 years of work experience, you would require to get permission from the university to submit 2 professional LORs. Here is my take on the universities mentioned: CMU ambitious UIUC (MCS-professional) moderate to ambitious Georgia tech - moderate to ambitious Cornell ( 1 ye... See more

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Smoky Zz Mentor_tag

22 days ago

Hi Sanil Since you already have a spectacular profile, I Would suggest you to remove NYU and Go For an UC either Davis / Irvine , You can try your luck for San Diego and Also Add few safe Uni like ASU and Stony Brook both of which are actually good for CSE. and Links for the same 1. ASU 2.Stony Brook about:blank 3. UC Da... See more