Sai Prakash

22 days ago

Need help in SOP Preparation

I need to prepare an SOP for applying MS in USA Universities. Please let me know if anyone can help me out.


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Tilak Heble Mentor_tag

21 days ago

Hey, Sai!! SoP is very most part of your Documentation during application process. It holds lot of important in getting admit and rejections. Sop will showcase your personality. It will narrate about you from childhood till now. It should be done with care and attention. Everything which is written should have meanings and Nithin should be faked. It should contain your projects, internship ... See more


Akriti Sharma Mentor_tag

22 days ago

Hi Sai, The SOP holds an importance in your overall application because that is one piece of document where the admissions committee can asses and see who you really are as a person. That's one component which brings all the elements of the application together. A SOP should be framed with utmost care and attention. All the sentences and paragraphs should make good sense and should align with y... See more