Amritha Raj

a month ago

My percentage chances of getting a university

I am currently from Electrical and electronics engineering, 6th semester. Aiming for MS in data sciences Current CGPA- 9.1 Have 2 projects related to data science Currently working on a research paper related to data science What are my chances of getting into a good university? Please help me out..


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Tilak Heble Mentor_tag

a month ago

Hey, Amritha! As you still in 6th Semester, you have sufficient time to prepare for Aboard studies! Your Current CGPA is excellent with projects in Data science, and research paper in Data science will help a lot in Selection process. If you Applying for US or Canada you may need to write GRE. And also IELTS or TOEFL is also needed. You have very good chances of getting admit if you have a... See more


Vijaya Lakshmi K Mentor_tag

a month ago

Hello Amritha, As you are building a profile towards data science with relevant research and projects you will be able to get admitted to Data science programs. Good scores in GRE and IELTS along with strong SOP and LORs can enhance your chances of getting into universities. Since you mentioned USA and UK as your country preferences here is a list of universities of both the countries that you ca... See more