Abhijeet Gupta

22 days ago

MS or MBA in Business Analytics (Fall 23 in USA/Canada)

So I had applied for MS in Data Science in USA for Fall 22, but didn't get any admits (I had applied to top universities - the lowest ranked was NEU Boston). Having realised that Data Science courses get extremely competitive, I am planning to apply for Business Analytics courses this time, in which I still get to learn about Data related concepts. However, I am finding that there as MS as well as MBA courses for BA. Hence, wanted to ask what are differences between MS and MBA in BA, and what is more suitable for my profile (8.15 CGPA, 168Q/158V/3.5 AWA in GRE, 8 in IELTS, 3-4 years of work experience in top companies like Dell and Goldman Sachs as a Data Analyst, Technical Head of Economic Society of my college, B.Tech in Manipal Institute of Technology)

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Shaunak Varudandi

22 days ago

What are the universities you applied too?