Atishek Srivastava

22 days ago

MS in Software Engineering vs MS in Computer Science for a working professional with 3 YOE


I am a working professional with 3 YOE in the IT industry working as a Software Developer in a product-based organization.
I wanted to understand if pursuing MS in Software engineering would be better than MS in CS, as I see many of the courses in CS are theoretical vs practical courses in Software Engineering.
Will having this practical knowledge be more helpful in landing an internship/ job as well as performing well on the job?
Also, how would the future career differ between the two degrees?


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A D Mentor_tag

21 days ago

Hi, SE and CS have almost the same full-time opportunities. SE has more software subjects. CS has generalized subjects and some hardware subjects. A lot of people do not know that the median salary of MS in SE is greater than MS in CS. If your goal is to get an SDE-type role then go for MS SE. yes, this practical knowledge would definitely help you to land an internship. Future career so the same ... See more

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Siva Kesava Reddy

22 days ago

Computer science is the best