Shravan Reddy

a month ago

MS in Data Science or Data Analytics

I have a cgpa of 8.3, my major is Civil Engineering and minor is Computer Science Engineering and ielts 7.5 (no band less than 6) and gre score 320.
I have done a research intern at Illinois tech, Chicago on Big Data Computing. I have done a project on Time Series analysis(which is relevant to the major I am planning to chose in my masters). I am also working on a research paper on Data Analytics.
Can anyone suggest me good and affordable unis for masters in Data Science or Data Analytics.

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Aaditya Sharma

a month ago

Hi, Sharavan you have a good cgpa of 8.3 along with excellent GRE and IELTS score. Here the problem is that you are looking for Data science or Data Analytics Course and you posses a degree in civil engineering but to compensate that you ha e done an internship and also published a research paper in the same field. But the admission is still quite tough but not impossible if you are able to depict... See more

Sanika Udhoji Mentor_tag

a month ago

Hi Shravan, You can check out these universities for Data Science / Data Analytics. Since you have added US and Canada as your country preference these are a mix. 1) Northeastern University, Boston: 2) Indiana University, Bloomington: See more