Ch Chaganti

3 months ago

Ms in data science

Would be great if someone can list out pretty decent colleges which i can apply on based on my profile. ( ps : confused asf⊙﹏⊙)

•Undergrad - Bachelor of commerce
•CGPA - 6.1
•Backlog - 1,cleared in 1st attempt
•IELTS - not taken yet
•GRE - Not taken yet( Planning to apply for colleges which doesnt require GRE scores)
• Work exp - 1 year

•Masters - in Data science/data analytics
•Intake planning - Fall 2023


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Sanika Udhoji Mentor_tag

3 months ago

Hi, You can check out these universities from USA: 1) Drexel University: 2) University of Michigan: 3) Kansas State University: Though I will suggest you to give GRE sinc... See more


Krithikesh S

3 months ago

For data science, Univ will give preference to engineering and math degrees. Im not saying that u wont get into any univ, ur odds will be tough. I would suggest u work in a data science profile, do a lot of projects. Generally for top tier univ GRE is a must for data science because data science has analytical part in it. See more

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