Siddhant Bajpai

10 months ago

MEM Fall 2022

Hello all, Following is my profile: GRE 323 155V 165Q 3AWA TOEFL - 27ALL 29 READING 110 Cgpa 7.18 Major: Metallurgy Cgpa 7.75 Financial Engineering Projects: Portfolio Optimization (R), Saving rate prediction (as a function of unemployment rate, consumption rate) Certification: Data Science in R(Harvard) Work Exp: Market Research Analyst Duration: 8months I want to apply for MEM with specialization in analytics/finance. Does anyone know mem programs that also have a coop opportunity within the curriculum? Is my profile good enough for Purdue West Lafayatte MeM program.

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Gaurav Jha 99

10 months ago

Awa score is not taken while calculating gre score.