Saumya Rathore

5 months ago

MBA in Marketing in US

Hey guys, I am planning to do my MBA in Marketing from the US. I have done a 3 year degree course of Bachelors in Journalism and Mass Communication (total 15 years of formal education) and have 4 years of work ex in event management. I have yet to give my GMAT, am preparing for the same. What colleges should I be targeting?


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Hitesh Vijan Community_Mentor

4 months ago

Some pointers I would like to tell you if you do MBA from a average school specially in Marketing. While I am not quite as familiar with the MBA course, I do know about the market and have several Indian friends who received a business degree. I am assuming this scales to the MBA job market. The job market is lower for Indians, especially in the marketing field. However, this isn't necessarily du... See more

Dheerkesh Mugunthan

5 months ago

I recommend you to check out these blogs from Yocket to gain a deeper understanding of MBA abroad:,, Hope these help. #CM See more