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Masters in Psychology - India or Abroad?

Are you considering a career in psychology but confused if you should pursue it from India or Abroad?

Keep reading to clear your confusion! :)

A major dilemma facing the students who are aspiring to pursue Psychology happens to be the decision to choose a College in India or Abroad.
The students pursuing Psychology require continuous guidance and support from the faculty which is as compelling, and impressive as the material they teach.

To help you decide, whether to pursue Psychology in India or abroad, here is a list of pros and cons of studying Psychology in India as well as Abroad.

Here are some pros and cons of studying psychology in India :
- Tremendous Scope for Research
- Improvement in the Research Quality
- The growing need for Industrial Psychologists
- Bridging the Research Gap
- Increasing Awareness of Developmental Psychology

- Limited Job Prospects
- Social Resistance
- Unexplored domains of Psychology
- Obsolete Methodologies

Here are some pros and cons of studying psychology in universities abroad :
- Access to current and modern research facilities
- Plethora of specializations to choose from
- Interdisciplinary Nature of Psychology
- Faculty with an unparalleled experience
- Opportunities to Network and explore

- Exhaustive Research Area
- Financial Viability

Here's a list of the top countries that have the best education and opportunities in the area of psychology :
1. USA
2. UK
3. France
4. Denmark
5. Austria
6. The Netherlands
7. Australia
8. Canada
9. Germany
10. Italy

These are some points that you must consider and analyse if they align with your future prospects and career goals before taking the final decision! :)

All the best! :)
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