Hrishikesh Suslade

3 months ago

Job prospects post MEM and expected salary?

I'm currently working as a software dev in Amazon for almost 2 years.
I'm good at coding, but lately not enjoying it much, always loved management and want to move in that direction.
I wanted to know what are job prospects one can get post MEM specifically around tech, fintech, and investment banks

And what will be the expected salary also of these jobs
Also please suggest some good universities too!
Thank you

CGPA: 8.36/10
GRE, TOEFEL yet to give
Amazon internship and Amazon SDE for 2 years


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Hitesh Vijan Community_Mentor

3 months ago

Engineering Management is largely offered in America. There are 3–4 options in Canada and a few in Australia. While graduating from a good university is always important, for an MEM degree, graduating from a top 10 university offering the program is critical. I don’t suggest you go to an ordinary American University to pursue an MEM. As long as you go to a top 10 MEM program your prospects are bri... See more


Zeal Zeal

3 months ago

These days Product Management jobs are high paying. Since you have experience of coding it will be very beneficial. In India itself Product managers in Amazon are getting 50 lakhs at age of 29 years. In USA 90000 USD should be possible to start with due to you're experience after MEM. See more