Sai Venkatesh Sure

3 months ago

Is University of pacific best ?


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Sanika Udhoji Mentor_tag

3 months ago

Hi, It's a small private university so opportunities and exposure can be limited. It's majorly an option among undergraduate students. So, if you're thinking for a Masters, you can explore other options too. Depending on your preferred course, I suggest you use the College Finder tool to get a list of colleges personalized to your profile. It will give you a lis... See more

Zeal Zeal

3 months ago

I really don't understand with such a good profile(as mentioned on you're page if true) why do you all apply to such universities and then on getting admit check it out. You could have got into Buffalo, UIC, BINGHAMTON, Albany IUPUI TTU UT ARLINGTON etc easily. See more