Priyanka Kulkarni

5 days ago

Is it possible to study abroad without money?

Money plays a significant role when one wishes to go abroad for education. What are the different ways to fund your education to study abroad? Please provide insights on whether is it possible to study abroad if someone does not have enough funds? #MS


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Aninda Mandal

3 days ago

Yes you can take a loan from NBFC/other companies and study abroad (without collateral) but do keep in mind that you're responsible to pay it back too. See more

Chetan Singh

4 days ago

Hey Priyanka, Hope you are keeping well. Money is what money does, but still it's just a tool to achieve any possibilities in materialistic world. As far as studying abroad without money is considered it ain't gonna work out. There are multiple options like living below your means to save before you move. Invest into yourself and have a money mindset to help yourself move abroad. Lastly optio... See more

Tilak Heble

5 days ago

There are many ways to fund study abroad 1. Personal savings or Family Funds 2. Loans from Banks or any schemes related to study aboard 3. Scholarship from University or Governments or Third Party See more