Teja r

Teja R

25 days ago

Is it Possible to do MS in CS at Germany after completing mechanical engineering?

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Subhangee Sahoo

18 days ago

You need to justify how your mechanical engineering background, projects and work experience, if any, aligns with the curriculum you are applying to. If you can, there is a chance. Otherwise, there are courses which need a mix of mechanical engineering and computer engineering, like robotics, automation, computer aided mechanical engineering amongst others. You can search for them. See more


Divyansh Rathi

23 days ago

definitely. since BS in Mechanical Engineering is of 4 years, it's an even better prospect as far as Germany is concerned. Though ofcourse, you will have to learn German (atleast till B2 level) and give German Proficiency tests like Goethe or TestDAf. Furthermore, Germany process is a bit longer and more complex, it is still a fit choice for Mechanical Engineering. See more