Varaha Krishna

24 days ago

Is it ok to book flight tickets through agents as i am getting for better price? Will there be any issues


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A D Mentor_tag

24 days ago

Hi, Be cautious. Some agents might be frauds. Personally, I do not prefer to take an agent to just book a flight. If the agent can find a better price, so can you. It's just a matter of searching hard enough. Some flight-booking tips: Weekend peak timing prices might be expensive. Take an odd-time flight - those are usually cheap. Select a different departure airport. Book from a different interne... See more

Zeal Zeal

24 days ago

Yes, it's fine. Check the conditions for refund, change of date, and extra baggage. Emirates and Qatar allow third check-in baggage free if you book your ticket as student at the time of booking itself,later they don't accept. See more