Md. Ehsanul Haque Kanan

2 months ago

Is it difficult to get a job in the UK after completing MSc in Data Science from a non-Russel Group university?

Hi, is getting job after completing MSc in Data Science from a non-Russel Group university difficult in the UK? I have got offer letters from Russel group universities. However, I haven't got any scholarship. The tuition fee is very high. So, I was planning to get admit from a cheaper university, like University of Westminster/ Nottingham Trent University. However, I found on Quora that UK companies don't want to sponsor visa for non-Russel group university graduate. Is it true?

Also, I have learnt that Data Science and Artificial Intelligence fields are significantly more competitive than Software Engineering/Web Application Development. And the AI jobs are most occupied by top ranked university graduates. Is it true? Should I go for MSc in Computer Science / Software Engineering instead from a cheaper university? I have heard that Software Development jobs in the UK don't require us to have post graduation from top ranked universities, as it focuses only on skill. Have I heard the correct information?


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Vaibhav Sharma

2 months ago

Go to uk visa website. Check out the university or institution list . You'll get to know about the psw visa sponsorship after u graduate. See more

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