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2 months ago

Ideal Timeline to Start Preparing for Bachelor's Abroad

While Studying Abroad could be a life altering experience, it is undoubtedly shaped by the way you plan it. It is important to have a well thought plan whenever you decide to study abroad. There is no scope for delay in application process of admissions to a bachelor's programme, be it in US , UK , Canada or any other country.

Decide as Early as Possible:-
The right time for a candidate to ensure that they want to complete their bachelors degree from an Abroad University as early as your 9th Grade. You must set your goals and plans by the time you get promoted to your Grade 10.

Start Planning:-
Once the decision to study abroad is made students should explore the admission requirements , eligibility criteria and required exams for applying to these universities. During this time students can start preparing for a good resume such as receiving recommendation letters, essays and other documents required for applying to foreign universities.

Start Preparing for Tests:-
In order to take admission for a bachelor's programme abroad , it is required to take some tests such SAT/ACT to prove your scholastic ability. TOEFL/IELTS exam to prove your English Language Proficiency . It should be noted that SAT/ACT exam score may or may not be a mandatory requirement depending on colleges you apply to .

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Adithya Datta Mentor_tag Author

2 months ago

Primary Thing to Start is to get a proper information on what exams you would have to take like IELTS/TOEFL , SAT/ACT and the dates to apply for those exams, centres etc.. See more


Gajanan Lokhande

2 months ago

Hello I had done my diploma in comp engg Which exam should I will give to study in abroad


Joy Arya

2 months ago

Sir I have just given my class 12 board exam in June 2022. So if I start preparing for bachelor's in usa for computer science then what is the first thing to do. And sir I am not financially strong so will I be able to study in US See more

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